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Empowering Sri Lanka’s Energy Independence with Hybrid Technology

In the pursuit of energy independence, Sri Lanka welcomes the Deye Hybrid Inverter, a groundbreaking solution tailored for residential and light commercial use. This advanced hybrid technology, developed by Deye, is revolutionizing the way Sri Lankans harness solar power. During daylight hours, the Deye Hybrid Inverter maximizes self-consumption rates by efficiently generating and distributing solar electricity, ensuring immediate fulfillment of energy needs. Surplus energy is intelligently stored in the inverter, ready to power homes and businesses during evenings or high-demand periods. Additionally, this innovative system seamlessly integrates with diesel generators, providing a reliable energy backup during blackouts, enhancing energy security in Sri Lanka.

Smart Energy Management and Sustainability in Sri Lanka

Central to the Deye Hybrid Inverter’s success is its advanced communication technology. Featuring an RS485/CAN port, this inverter empowers Sri Lankans with real-time monitoring and control over their energy consumption. With this technology, individuals and businesses can actively manage their energy usage, ensuring efficiency and sustainability. By embracing the Deye Hybrid Inverter, Sri Lanka takes a significant step toward a future defined by energy independence and environmental consciousness. This seamless integration of solar power and cutting-edge technology not only meets the nation’s energy needs but also paves the way for a greener, more sustainable Sri Lanka.

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Key Features

Colorful touch LCD, IP65 protection degree

AC couple to retrofifit existing solar system

Max. 16 pcs parallel for on-grid and off-grid operation, support multiple batteries parallel

Max charging/discharging current of 135A

Support storing energy from diesel generator

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