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Our Core Services

We are professionals in the Solar and Renewable energy industry having more than 4+ experience in solar installations. Dedicated to deliver high quality systems with a specific quality control approach at an affordable rate.

Solar Hybrid Systems

Ensure an uninterrupted power supply while making the bill zero

LiFePo4 Storage Systems

Durable and long lasting energy storage solutions

Solar Pumping Systems

Green agriculture and farming powered by solar photovoltaics

Solar On-Grid System

Generate an excess income while getting rid of your utility bills

Solar Off-Grid Systems

Live off the grid and support to reduce the stress on national grid

Solar Lighting Systems

Indoor and Outdoor lighting systems for cases where grid is not accessible.

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Solar Hybrid Systems

A solar hybrid system combines solar panels with traditional energy sources, providing a reliable and sustainable power solution. It optimizes energy production, reducing environmental impact while ensuring consistent and efficient electricity generation.

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Solar On Grid Systems

A solar on-grid system connects solar panels directly to the electrical grid, allowing for seamless energy production. Excess power generated during sunny periods is fed back into the grid, reducing electricity costs and promoting sustainability.

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Solar Off-Grid Systems

Solar off-grid systems operate independently, disconnected from the electrical grid. They generate and store solar power in batteries, ensuring a reliable energy source even in remote locations without access to traditional utilities.

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LiFePo4 Storage Systems

LiFePO4 storage systems utilize lithium iron phosphate batteries, providing efficient and long-lasting energy storage solutions. Known for their safety, durability, and high performance, these systems are widely used for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

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Solar Pumping Systems

Solar pumping systems use energy from the sun to power water pumps, providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions for agricultural irrigation, livestock watering, and remote water supply. These systems harness solar power, reducing dependence on traditional electricity sources.

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Solar Lighting Systems

Solar lighting systems harness energy from the sun to illuminate outdoor spaces. With solar panels converting sunlight into electricity, these systems are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and ideal for lighting pathways, gardens, and public areas.

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